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Informational Design

( See spreads below )

  • Annual Report is a publication that public corporations must provide to describe their operations and financial conditions. I made an example of how one could be designed for the company NIKE using my own photos and design style. 

  • Graphic Standards Manual defines the graphic standards, meaning anything that is visible. I redesigned the logo for Salem Access Television and made an example of how a Graphic Standards Manual could be designed for the logo I created. 

  • History of Art Nouveau is an informational book I designed to inform you about the about the style and movement of Art Nouveau witch flourished between 1890 to 1910. This book also includes photos of famous works from the Art Nouveau time period. 

Informational Design: Welcome
Informational Design: Text
Graphic Standers Manual Spreads
Informational Design: Text
Informational Design: Text
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