Poster Design

  • The Sun and Moon series is just one of my interest. I made one poster only type and the other only image, with them having the same concept. 

  • The Wifi poster series has the concept that people's lives sometimes depend on a wifi signal. One poster being a heartbeat with the wifi signal keeping the heartbeat going. The other the wifi signal takes over the tree, and instead of children playing on the tree there zombies to the wifi signal.  

  • The Street Art Posters are a series of photos with photoshopped designs on top of them, these are proposed work. This is a cool concept to me because it gives you the ability create anything you image and make it come alive.



I made a series of postcards. The locations are Beverly Massachusetts, Portland Maine and Vinalhaven Maine. These are just some places where I have spent a lot of time at the past couple years. I took the photography for all three postcards. On the back I included the coordinates and population along with where it's located on the New England map.